Signs You Need A Transmission Flush
Written by Craig B

Signs You Need A Transmission Flush

Here are five signs your transmission may need flushing.

Gear Shift Problems

Whether you have a manual or an automatic vehicle, the transmission fluid must be clear for your car to work properly. When your transmission contains too much sludge or dirt, the transmission will be sluggish and make car gear shift difficult or impossible.

Strange Noises Or Grinding From The Transmission

When there is sludge, grease and dirt in the transmission toy may realize the transmission is grinding or making very unusual sounds. You could check the transmission fluid level while the vehicle is running. Make sure the transmission fluid color is a very bright red. if the fluid level is good, you are probably in need of a flush for your transmission.

Gears Slipping

Hydraulic power may be a symptom of needing a transmission flush. There has to be sufficient pressure in the transmission for the car to shift gears and dirt and sludge in the transmission fluid does not help this work smoothly. This is often caused by a flow of transmission fluid that is restricted, hence it needs to be flushed out.

Vehicle Surging

Sometimes sludge and dirt in your transmission can cause your vehicle to surge, jump forward or fall backwards for no reason. The inconsistent level of flow from the transmission fluid impacts the gears and other moving components.

Vehicle Movement

Another sign your transmission may need flushing is your car stall once you have changed gear for a second or two.


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