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Xtreme-Duty says; go ahead and pull, haul, race, drag, climb, bog, tow…he’ll take your ABUSE and perform like no other.

Superior technology, engineering materials, and components make the Xtreme-Duty Transmission Xtreme-Duty, with unmatched performance and durability. Improved handling, traction, fuel efficiency, drivability, and rock solid reliability are all benefits you can expect from your Xtreme-Duty.

Power and torque generated by high performance engines results in your torque converter and transmission failure. This results in expensive repairs and possibly leaving you stranded and in danger place. The Xtreme-Duty is here to help.

Case, Valve-Body, and Pan
We do everything possible to eliminate case flex, increase internal lubrication and cooling, deliver, precise positive pressure, we even replace aluminum components under high stress with stronger steel parts. Reengineered valve bodies, extra lubricant capacity, and advance air-cooled case design are just some of the improvements.

Your Xtreme-Duty will run cooler with all critical components getting additional lubrication. It will shift more precisely giving you better handling, control and traction, while helping to reduce heat by limiting component slippage during shifts. Additional strength gives you the confidence to climb, pull or haul what you want and still make it home dinnertime.

Clutches and Bands
Our clutches have proven their unbeatable performance and durability in racecars as well as off road trucks and heavy hauling diesels. These unique clutches give you better acceleration, cleaner more responsive shifts and reduces heat and wear.

Our bands are constructed of the best performing man made fibers, solids and resins to withstand high energy and heat (up to 700°F) while increasing performance and durability.

Torque Converters
In a transmission most of the heat is created in the torque converter. This is also where most punishment is endured.

Our converters have up to 300% lock-up clutch holding capacity as a stock unit. These clutches are lined with the best performing high-energy clutches. This results in better holding, increasing horsepower to wheels, increased fuel efficiency, less heat created by slipping.

Torque Converters High Points

Machined Billet Covers
Multipliable Disk Clutches
Heavy Duty Bearings

Furnaced Brazed Fins
Max Torque Between 700-1,000 lbs. Available